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Benefits of day cleaning

Day Cleaning is gaining ground in the commercial cleaning industry and for good reason. Not only are building owners and managers happier, janitorial workers are too. Here are some of the benefits of day cleaning.

  1. When building managers and occupants actually see the cleaning being done, there tends to be fewer complaints.
  2. Cleaners are happier working during the day so they can spend more time with their family at night.
  3. Cleaning company owners are happy because they have a new workforce to choose from. More people prefer working days versus nights, and for people that must rely on public transportation to get to work, night-time work is often difficult due to buses and subways that do not run late enough to get them back home.
  4. Financial savings for building owners and managers include reduced energy due to lights being turned off at night. Savings have been reported to be as much as 30%.
  5. Financial savings for cleaning company owners include labor and employmnent costs. Employee retention improves, which reduces hiring and training costs.
  6. Cleaning company owners have also reported savings on accident and injury claims, which saves on Worker's Compensation costs.

Communcation is keyIn order for day cleaning to work effectively, there must be ongoing communication between all parties involved. Nothing is more annoying to a building occupant than going to the restroom only to find it closed for cleaning. If the cleaners plan for certain times of the days to clean restrooms, tenants will have a better idea as to when the restroom is likely to be closed for cleaning. And adding a clock on the door indicating when the restroom will be open also helps.Communication is also important so that building occupants realize everything may not be spotless in the morning as they're used to, depending on the cleaning schedule. They must also be made aware that if they turn away a janitorial worker, that worker will be instructed to return to the area once more to see if they can finish the cleaning. If they are turned away a second time, the area will not be cleaned that day.Cleaning around building occupantsJanitorial workers must be trained to work as quietly as feasible and to minimize interruptions for building occupants. Building occupants in turn, must cooperate with cleaners who are just trying to do their job (such as emptying the trash when the office worker is sitting at their desk). Cleaning company owners and managers must spend time training janitorial workers on not only how to clean around building occupants, but also how to interact with them. Many of these workers may be used to cleaning without other people around, so learning how to interact will go a long ways towards positive relations.Day cleaning may not feel comfortable at first, but once it's up and running, you just might wonder why you hadn't started sooner.



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